The Monument

Our Vision

The Canadian Paramedic Monument will honour the heroism, skills, and sacrifices of all Paramedics in Canada, and commemorate those who died saving the lives of others.

The Canadian Paramedic Monument will serve as both an engaging and contemplative space, where Paramedics and their families can feel seen, heard, and honoured.

The Canadian Paramedic Monument will help visitors gain insight into the complexity of the lived experience of Paramedics, thereby inspiring compassion, connection, and dialogue.


Building the Canadian Paramedic Monument

The Canadian Paramedic Memorial Foundation (CPMF) – with the support of the Canadian Paramedic Association and many others – is currently developing the Canadian Paramedic Monument with the Federal Ministry of Canadian Heritage and the National Capital Commission. The Canadian Paramedic Monument will commemorate the efforts, skills and sacrifices of Canadian paramedics – past, present and future – who bravely and expertly save Canadian lives in crisis situations across our country every single day.

The Canadian Paramedic Monument has been a dream for many years. With your help we’re making it a reality. In 2023 CPMF onboarded a full-time Executive Director with experience creating national monuments, held a day-long multi-stakeholder visioning session in Ottawa hosted by the National Capital Commission, and began working with federal partners on the site selection process that will determine where in Ottawa the monument is located.

Board of Directors

Robert Bonspiel
Paul J Charbonneau, Chair
Dave Deines, PAC representative
Catherine DuPuy
Daniel Garvin
Michelle Long
Marc-André Périard, PCC representative
Grant Ross, Past President
Tim Stairs, Treasurer
Tara Watson, Secretary
Tom Zajac, President

Our Team

Annie Hillis, Executive Director
Gerry Backs, Fundraising Consultant